Troubleshooting Your Outside AC Unit Not Turning: Common Reasons It’s Not Turning On ( 2024 )

Your outside air conditioning unit not turning on can be frustrating. This is especially true on hot summer days when you rely on it to keep your home cool. In this article, we’ll look at the common reasons why your outside AC unit may not turn on.

We’ll also give you tips to help you find and maybe fix the issue. These tips include checking for a tripped reset button.

Why is My Outside AC Unit not Turning On?

Several things could stop your outside AC unit from turning on. These include electrical and mechanical failures within your cooling system or air handler. One common issue could be a tripped circuit breaker.

This would cut power to your outdoor AC unit. Bad capacitors may also stop your Air Conditioner from starting. They are crucial to the compressor and fan.

Also, low refrigerant can cause cooling problems, resulting in warm air coming from your vents when you expect cool air. It can also cause the system to blow warm outside air. And, it can prevent the central air unit from turning on.

How to Troubleshoot an Outside Air Conditioner Unit not Turning On?

To troubleshoot your outside Air Conditioner unit, start by cleaning the air filter. A clogged air filter in your air conditioning unit can block airflow.

This blockage hinders the cooling process and affects your home’s comfort. Check the thermostat settings. Make sure they are set for cooling and at the right temperature.

Inspect the outdoor unit for debris. It may be blocking airflow or affecting the components, like the condenser unit.

When Should You Call an HVAC Technician?

Outdoor air conditioning systems have some issues. They may need an HVAC technician to fix them well. The fan motor is broken. It could make the unit run poorly.

Detecting refrigerant leaks is crucial. Low levels can reduce cooling, making the system blow warm, not cool, air. A professional should fix electrical problems with the capacitor. This is to avoid safety hazards.

Common Reasons Why Your OutsideĀ Air Conditioner Unit is Not Running

A clogged air filter is a common cause of an outside AC unit not running. This problem can lead to the unit failing to produce cool air. Blockages in your cooling system’s drain lines can lead to issues, potentially affecting the overall efficiency of your indoor air cooling.

They can cause leaks and operational problems. They are a problem for homeowners. They may also make the indoor unit stop working.

A faulty thermostat can misread temperature settings. This can stop the air conditioner from turning on when needed.

What to Do If the Inside Unit is Running But the Outside Unit is Not?

If the inside unit is running but the outside unit is not, check for tripped fuses in the fuse box. The fuses may be affecting the power supply.

This is one of the reasons why an outdoor Air Conditioner unit may not be running but the inside is. Check the circuit.

This ensures the outdoor AC condenser has power. It prevents disruptions in cooling your home.

Also, check to see if the shut-off box is in the correct position. Inspect the outdoor unit. Look for issues with the fan or compressor. These issues could be stopping it from working.

For example, a power surge may have damaged key parts, necessitating a reset button on the outside unit to restore functionality.

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